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What's better glasses or contacts?

What is better? Glasses or Contacts?

Well, it depends on what you like when it comes to comfort and style. At Invision Eyecare, we’re fans of both! But let us give you the details as to why we feel that way.

People who struggle with being nearsighted or farsighted have the wonderful opportunity to decide which they like most.

What does Invision Eyecare like about Glasses?

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then the glasses are well-designed curtains. No matter who you are, or your style, there's a pair of glasses for everyone.

Glasses are the original corrective lenses and are a modern marvel regarding medical technology.

However, not every pair of glasses will be the right fit for your face. We get customers every once and a while who come in with specific complaints about glasses like:

Sliding down their nose.

Pain behind the ears, on the nose or on the temple.

Constant smudging and scratching.

The solution for these complaints is simple: that's not the right pair of glasses for your face.

At Invision Eyecare, our expert staff is ready to help you find the right pair for you. Not only for the right prescription but also for the fit of your face.

Plus, glasses naturally make you look smarter and are more sanitary compared to contact lenses.

If you lose a contact lens, you're sort of stuck, whereas the right pair of fitting glasses won't fall off your face.

If you've been experiencing any of the problems we mentioned above, come visit us. Even if you have a prescription for your eyes but frames that are the wrong fit for your face, we can fix that!

Even if you have a pair of glasses that you love, you can still schedule an appointment with us for a free adjustment. We mean it when we say we truly want you to be comfortable.

What does Invision Eyecare like about contact lenses?

Even if you have glasses with the perfect fit, sometimes they are not for everyone. In certain cases of very high prescriptions, insurance companies will cover the cost of contact lenses but not glasses because you will see better with contacts. While this is not the case with everyone, contact lenses are a great alternative to corrective frames.

Contacts allow you to see without looking through glasses lenses that could smudge up. Plus, you never have to worry about the style because they're practically invisible (although, some contacts have a slight tint that’s visible when not in the eye to make them easier to put in).

Plus, with contacts, you can wear other accessories you want like sunglasses and can show off your face without having to look behind frames.

Now, a big concern people get about having contacts is the fact they have to touch their eyes every day to put the lenses in. For that, we say practice makes perfect. The more you get used to putting in your contacts, the more natural it will feel.

Invision Eyecare believes in the power to choose!

There are plenty of pros and cons to both glasses and contacts like discomfort or just a style preference.

If you notice your lenses don't fit or are going out of style and your contacts just don't seem to help you see like they used to, come visit our office!

Invision Eyecare is fully equipped to help you find the right style and the right prescription. We are motivated to exceed expectations and are proud to have served thousands of patients in the Phoenix area.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment and we’ll help you find what works best for your prescription, lifestyle, allergies and environment.


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