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The Best Eye Doctor in Chandler, AZ

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Being in the market for a new doctor can be intimidating.

Whether you just moved into town, have had a bad experience somewhere else or are looking for something new, you may turn to the people around you for advice on where to go. A lot of people will turn to their good friends at Google to find the best eye doctor near you.

In our opinion, our doctor, Dr. William Crum, may be the best in Chandler. Dr. Crum has just been awarded the Who’s Who Top Doctor of 2022 award in recognition of hard work, dedication and contribution to the medical profession within the field of optometry. And for good reason!

With 4.8 stars on Google reviews, our patients have a lot to say about what we’ve been doing here.

I needed a pair of glasses and was shopping around for a while. I tend to look for less wide frames. Invision had a great selection. Customer service was amazing, Jena was incredibly helpful. She walked through all the options available, broke down the price clearly and helped me compare and contrast. Once ordered, the glasses came within a week and feel amazing. Jena took the time to make sure it fit well. Thank you!


I love my visits to Invision Eyecare. In the past, I never made annual visits to the eye doctor, but after visiting Invision Eyecare, I have become a regular. Dr. Crum has been the most informative and helpful eye doctor I have visited. His staff is very friendly and professional. 5/5

Or even…

Most thorough eye exam I’ve ever had! Doctor Crum is amazing and so is his staff!

If we’ve popped up on your Google search, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can, and we guarantee 5-star customer service!


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