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Medical and Vision

We are providers with a number of insurance companies and are happy to accept the following plans for Medical and Vision.

Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Cigna Open Access Plan
Medicare (Supplement plans)
United Health Care

VSP (Vision Service Plan)
Invision Eyecare Friends and Family Insurance

We are currently accepting new patients and accept cash payment. We are not contracted with any HMO plans and do not currently accept AHCCS. We also accept FSA and HSA accounts, CareCredit, and some insurance reimbursement plans.



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Questions About Insurance

We're committed to helping you have the best experience possible at our office. Learn more about accepted insurance, patient forms, and answers to frequently asked questions.

What's the difference between medical and vision insurance?

Medical insurance usually covers eyecare visits related to infections or injury, diabetic eye exams, and disease treatment. Standard vision insurance will generally cover a comprehensive exam, and oftentimes a contact lens or glasses benefit (with copay). 

What services are included?

A comprehensive eye exam covers detailed testing, a refraction, and a prescription towards lenses and/or contacts.

What's the standard pricing for cash pay?

Our standard cash pay pricing is $139 for a comprehensive exam, with additional pricing for contact lens exams. 

Do you offer an in-house insurance plan?

Yes we do! We currently offer a plan that includes a comprehensive eye exam, with a discount for frames and contacts. Find out more about our in-house insurance plan. Starting at $15/month.

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