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EVO and your eye comfort

It's time we talked about an underrated aspect of corrective lenses: comfort.

We want you to be able to see clearly. Safety and proper eye care are our number one priority. But you should be safe and comfortable.

For a majority of people who need corrective lenses, that journey starts with glasses. If you've ever been to the Invision Eyecare office, you'll know there's a style for everyone!

What about contact lenses?

A majority of nearsighted and farsighted alike can all agree, the day when you first go from glasses to contact lenses is super special!

Your newfound freedom of your face, not having to see the world through a permanent window and not worrying about lenses fogging up make such a difference.

Others loathe the idea of having to touch their eyes and prefer glasses. Both are fine and in some prescription based cases, one may be better for you than the other. We want you to be safe and comfortable and see your best.

A better alternative to glasses and contacts?

If you are starting to grow out of your glasses and contacts and are not interested in getting Lasik eye surgery, there is a new solution you may be interested in. It's called an EVO Visian ICL Lens.

EVO lenses are special lenses that are surgically implanted in your eye and act as a corrective lenses. Think of it as a permanent pair of contact lenses.

Evo Visian ICL lenses don't usually cause dry eye syndrome and can be removed easily by a doctor after surgery. Their unique material molds to your eye and protects you from UV rays.

How do I know if EVO lenses are right for me?

If you're between 21-45 years old and would like the procedure done for you, we'd encourage you to have a complete eye examination, and talk with your eye care professional.

This procedure is not for everyone, and some disqualifying factors may include:

- Being farsighted. (As this procedure is for nearsighted people)

- The shape of your eye.

- The current prescription of your glasses.

Like all procedures, there are risks you'd need to consider. However, according to the EVO website, 99.4% of patients say they would have the procedure done again.

While getting an EVO lens can be a great improvement for your vision and comfort, the effects are not permanent. You may still need reading glasses even if you've never worn them before.

What is most comfortable for you?

At Invision Eyecare, we want you to see yourself clearly.

You shouldn't feel uncomfortable about wanting to be comfortable especially when it comes to seeing clearly.

Whether it's glasses, contact lenses, or trying something new like EVO lenses, we're here to support you and make sure you get the right fit.

Feel free to schedule an appointment to get started on seeing and feeling better. Our team is qualified to even check to see if you would be a good fit for an EVO Visian ICL lens procedure.

It's a beautiful world out there, don't miss out because you have the wrong prescription lenses or haven't found a comfortable pair of glasses.


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