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Is light bad for my eyes?

When asking the question of if light is bad for your eyes, remember: you need light to be able to see.

Light is not an inherently bad thing for your eyes. Different cells in your eyes respond differently to allow you to not only see in different lighting conditions but to perceive color and texture as well.

Now, if you’re seeing light that isn’t there, you should visit your doctor immediately. For example, if you have flashes of light, light floaters or darkness where there haven’t been any of these things before, these may be signs of a retinal detachment or other medical concerns.

The Sun is a friend…

And a foe. Exposure to the sun in your skin helps your body to create vitamin D, an important vitamin for building strong bones and energy.

As with your skin and any other part of your body, too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing. Overexposure to sunlight can cause the development of things like cataracts. In worst-case scenarios, long exposure to the sun may even cause cancer.

In Arizona, we are both fortunately and unfortunately bombarded by the sun – especially in the summertime! So, how can the average person protect themself from the sun?

Car manufacturers often have their customers' best interests in mind, and in the western United States, it is a commonplace for car windows to have an ultraviolet light treatment. (If you’ve worn a pair of Transition lenses before, this is why they don’t shade fully in your car).

However, we still recommend a good pair of protective sunglasses. Certain treatments and filters on sunglasses make them more effective against the sun.

Most sunglasses are either mirrored, polarized, tinted, gradient or UV coated, or a combination of these. If you’re interested in finding the right combination and fit for you, give our opticians a call or text and we’re happy to help out.

We may even leave you looking like the flight dogs from TopGun, if that’s your goal. Either way, we strive to help you maintain the health of your eyes and clarity of vision as best we can.

Because the key to maintaining clear vision is healthy eyes.


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