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Services offered include:

  • Sunglasses

  • Safety glasses

  • Wide selection of frames

  • Transition/anti-glare lenses

  • Ocular health examinations

  • Custom contact lense fitting including hard and soft lenses

  • Corneal reshaping therapy

  • Pain management

  • Dry-eye treatment

  • Perioperative consultation

  • Treatment of eye disease and infections

  • Treatment of injuries

  • Digital retinal screenings and examinations

Many products are available same-day:

  • On-site lens cutting to create glasses

  • In-stock prescriptions for contact lenses

After a digitally assisted eye examination, the doctor can determine your perscription.

Innovative technologies include the use of the Optos that provides an undilated 220 degree view of the retinal. See the different types of scans in the gallery below.

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